When you buy new signs at SRI Sign Solution A/S, you are guaranteed that the signs have been produced under great consideration for the environment. We prioritise materials that can be recycled.

  • All car roof trays are made of aluminium, which is a robust material that cannot rust, but maintains its beautiful surface.

  • Front panels and end caps are – depending on the sign type – made of custom-made polycarbonate or cast acrylic. These are impact resistant, UV-resistant and weather-resistant materials that last many years.

  • Our signs use LEDs with a minimal power consumption. We use the latest LED technology with a maximum energy consumption of 14.6 W per meter of sign.

Our signs have an extremely long life — but when a sign is discarded, it can be returned to SRI Sign Solution A/S. We make sure to sort all the materials and turn in the raw materials so they can be recycled.