We want to help and provide support for people in need or those who have a serious illness close to home. SRI Sign Solution A/S operates across a large number of countries, so we prioritise providing support via international organisations. We have chosen to support the following causes:

We support Ukraine - SRI Sign Solution A/S

We support the emergency response in Ukraine with Danish Red Cross. The Red Cross activities in the Ukraine are: Distributing food, water and hygiene kits, Providing protection, Offering first aid to the wounded, Offering crisis counselling to the traumatised, Distributing emergency cash funds to refugees, Supporting hospital and clinics with supplies and equipment, Repairing essential infrastructure such a water pipes and pumping stations.

UNICEF supports the most vulnerable children in the world,  as well as those who are most difficult to reach. We have chosen to become a UNICEF Business Assistant because we believe that we have a shared responsibility to ensure children and young people are equipped with the framework, abilities and opportunities they need to build a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.

SRI Sign Solution A/S is a Business Partner of the Danish Cancer Society. We want to support cancer research and help patients and relatives get the help they need.