• AeroSignLED® – a classic, 15 cm deep advertising sign for trucks in an aerodynamic design

  • AeroSignLED® is manufactured in two heights: 30 and 40 cm

  • Housing in seawater-resistant aluminium

  • Front panel in UV-resistant and impact-resistant polycarbonate, which does not yellow

  • Mounted with an effective 24V LED light

  • Connects to the car’s power supply without an inverter

  • High light output and the ability to add customised text

  • Standard sizes (h x w in cm): 30 x 105, 30 x 125, 30 x 140, 30 x 160, 40 x 125, 40 x 140, 40 x 160

  • Special length signs can be manufactured as desired

  • Aluminium mounting brackets can be purchased

Advertising signs for trucks

AeroSignLED® is manufactured at our own factory in Denmark using the best and most durable materials – carefully crafted by experienced sign builders. The housing is built in seawater-resistant aluminium magnesium with spot welded support strips.

Both the injection-moulded side panels and the UV-resistant polycarbonate faceplate are extremely impact-resistant. LEDs are mounted within the sign, which ensures a nice, uniform light distribution.

The illuminated sign has great advertising value thanks to the high light output and the ability to equip the sign with customized text.

Like all other SRI Sign Solution lighted signs, AeroSignLED® is ready to be installed on the truck’s 24-volt circuit without an inverter.

The effective anti-polarity protection reduces the risk of short-circuiting to zero.

Lighted sign – for the roof or front of the cab

AeroSignLED® is offered in two different heights: 30 and 40 cm. Regardless of height, it is easy to equip the sign with promotional text that can be seen from a long distance. You can see both sizes in our photo gallery.

The picture shows a 30 cm high sign mounted on a Renault truck. The sign is painted in the same colour as the truck, and the promotional text is made of foil, which is mounted on the front plate, and made of impact-resistant polycarbonate.

AeroSignLED® is suitable for many types of vehicles, including Scania, MAN, DAF, Mercedes, Volvo, Renault and Iveco.

SRI AeroSign 40 cm illuminated sign

Illuminated headboards in a vast array of sizes

The image shows a truck with a 40 cm high, illuminated sign, model AeroSignLED.

The sign is mounted on the front of the cab of a MAN truck. Both the front plate and the text match the colours of the vehicle. In addition, the side panels on the sign are painted in the same blue color as the truck.

By matching the colours on the sign with the colours of the truck,  the sign becomes a completely natural part of the vehicle.