• ClassicSignLED® – a classic, 14 cm deep, rectangular light box

  • ClassicSignLED® is manufactured in three heights: 20, 30 and 40 cm

  • Robust aluminium construction

  • Pressed front in impact-resistant, moulded acrylic

  • Mounted with effective 24V LED light

  • Connects to the car’s power supply without a converter

  • High light output, with customisable text available

  • Standard sizes (h x w in cm): 20 x 105, 20 x 130, 30 x 130, 30 x 150, 30 x 160, 40 x 150 and 40 x 160

  • Special sizes (h x w in cm): 20 x 150, 20 x 160, 30 x 95, 30 x 120, 30 x 160, 40 x 130, 40 x 140, 40 x 150, 40 x 160

  • Aluminium mounting brackets can be purchased

Classic light box for trucks

ClassicSignLED® was launched back in 1970, but has been continuously developed so that it is still a great technical match for SRI Sign Solution A/S’s modern vehicle roof signs. The sign is available in three heights: 20, 30, or 40 cm. All three sizes can be seen in our photo gallery.

The classic look still has many followers, so the ClassicSignLED® can still be seen on European roads. The vehicle roof sign for trucks is, like our other products, made from scratch at our own factory in Denmark, from the best and most durable materials.

ClassicSignLED® is built on a robust, silver-anodised aluminium housing. The front is moulded from extremely impact-resistant acrylic, with a very resistant surface.

The sign has excellent advertising value thanks to the high light output and the ability to add your text to the sign. When you equip the sign with your company name, your vehicle will be visible in traffic both day and night and offer high advertising value.

Like all SRI Sign Solution lighted signs, ClassicSignLED® is ready to be installed on the truck’s 24-volt circuit without an inverter. LEDs are mounted within the sign, with a very high light output. An effective fuse against reverse polarity protects against short circuiting.