• FrontSignLED® – an 8 to 10 mm thin, flexible LED nameboard for trucks. Mounts on the front of the cab

  • Shape and size adapted to the vehicle (see model overview below)

  • Front panel in UV-resistant and impact-resistant acrylic, which can be textured as needed

  • Extremely high light output and an even light distribution throughout the plate

  • The sign is connected to the car’s power supply without a converter

  • The sign is provided with a heat-dissipating aluminium edge, which results in more burning hours/longer life

  • Mounting kit included

Illuminated signs for trucks – with efficient light-emitting diodes (LED)

FrontSignLED® is a thin, elegant, and extremely effective lighted sign, designed with maximum light output, thus fully focusing on the message, name, or logo you want to display to the outside world.

With its 8 mm thin, moulded acrylic sheet, FrontSignLED® is among the thinnest LED signs in the trucking market. SRI Sign Solution produces the signs specifically for individual truck brands and models, so the size and design are a perfect fit.

Mounted within the sign is a genuine 24-volt LED circuit that can be connected without the use of a converter. An effective fuse against reverse polarity protects against short-circuiting. The lighting installation is protected by an aluminium rail that protects against overheating by the LEDs. This supports the sign’s extremely long life.

The light distribution is uniform throughout the plate, and the light output of 1152 lumens per meter is the market’s highest, and 40% higher than other signs on the market.

LED signs for Scania, DAF, MAN, Mercedes, Volvo, Renault og Iveco

Our FrontSignLED® lighted sign for trucks is available for all types of vehicles. We offer specially designed models for all types of vehicles, both in terms of size and shape. Whether you want a lighted sign for a Scania, MAN, DAF, Mercedes, Volvo, Renault or Iveco truck, there are many models and sizes to choose from (see our model overview).

Here is our FrontSignLED® mounted on a MAN truck with sun visor. A complete mounting kit is included with the sign.

The sign is super-flexible and bendable. This eases installation and helps to ensure durability.