• TripleSignLED® – a thin lighted sign with interchangeable front plates for special transport

  • Three white and/or yellow front panels are included

  • The front panels are made of UV-resistant and impact-resistant polycarbonate

  • Custom text can be added to the front panels as needed

  • The rear panel with built-in 24V LED light ensures a high and uniform light output

  • The sign is connected to the car’s power supply without a converter

  • The sign frame is made of aluminum (silver og black)

  • Choose between 2 sizes (h x w): 26 x 97 cm or 20 x 88 cm

TripleSignLED by SRI Sign Solution A/S - Black

Lighted sign for special transport/oversize load/convoy exceptionnel…

TripleSignLED® is an indispensable and flexible lighted sign for trucks that occasionally operate with special transports. Three white and/or yellow front panels are included with the sign, where custom text can be added, such as WIDE LOAD, SPECIAL TRANSPORT, LONG LOAD, OVERSIZE LOAD, CONVOY EXCEPTIONNEL – or perhaps the company name or driver’s nickname. The possibilities are endless.

The messages are backlit with SRI Sign Solutions’ efficient and reliable LED circuits with a long lifetime – thanks, in part, to low heat generation. The sign’s magazine has room for three extra plates, in addition to what is visible. It is quick and easy to change the front panel via the removable front end.

TripleSignLED® is made of hardy and weather-resistant materials with a profile of anodised aluminium. The messaging front panels are in an extremely impact-resistant polycarbonate that stays neat and never yellows.

Wide load or long load…. a sign with many options

TripleSignLED® is a well thought out and solid solution for all trucks that need to send a specific message about the transport to other vehicles on the road.

Unlike other signs with the same messaging, the sign can be seen from a long distance – thanks to the high light output.

If desired, the sign can also be designed so that there is light on both sides. It may be an advantage if you want to place the sign on the roof of the vehicle.

With a sign for special transport, you increase traffic safety.


Illuminated sign with white and/or yellow front panels

On this picture the TripleSignLED® has 3 interchangeable front panels. The Text on the visible yellow front panel is WIDE LOAD.

TripleSignLED® - Særtransport - Bred Last - Lang Last

Illuminated sign in several sizes and colours

TripleSignLED® is available in 2 different sizes (HxW): 26 x 97 cm or 20 x 88 cm.

The sign can be ordered with either a black or silver-coloured anodised aluminium profile.